Jeff Platz
guitarist improviser

Platz/Klare Quartet "Gathering"

Platz/Klare Quartet


  • Jan Klare, saxophone, flute;
  • Alex Morsey, bass, tuba;
  • Jeff Platz, guitar;
  • Christian Schoenefeldt, drums.
Skycap Records, 2008

Recording track list

  1. Gathering - 4:37
  2. Count To Basie - 4:28
  3. Gayuma - 8:01
  4. Blues For You - 6:34
  5. JCO - 6:05
  6. Gypsy Feel - 5:46
  7. This Was Their Music - 2:49
  8. Hymnal - 8:19

Release notes

Original Release Date: September 23, 2008

Gathering was recorded in Hamburg Germany in the spring of 2008 by Tobias Levin. It was the end result of a week long tour throughout Germany with my friend and alto saxophonist Jan Klare. Alex Morsey played bass and tuba and Christian Schonefeldt was the drummer.

Gathering - Platz/Klare Quartet - live in Hamburg

This group was based on a collection of musical sketches I brought to the players, pieces for interpretation and improvisation. Our last evening performance was at Westwerk in Hamburg, Tobias Levin’s club and gallery just upstairs from his recording studio. Working with Tobias, known throughout Europe for his work as producer and engineer on several post punk and rock records in the 80’s was just great. The studio setting is always a challenge and this one was really special working with vintage microphones and recording techniques.

Jan Klare - saxophone; Jeff Platz - guitar; Alex Morsey - bass; Uwe Kellerhof - drums
live at "Tatort Jazz", Bochum, Germany 5.11.2008

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