Jeff Platz
guitarist improviser

Strange Birds

Strange Birds - Jeff Platz - Current projects

Jeff Platz, Achille Succi

The band

  • Achille Succi, saxophone, bass clarinet
  • Jeff Platz, guitar
  • Alessandro Sacha Caiani, saxophone

About "Strange Birds"

The first meeting of Strange Birds was in Cremona Italy in the spring of 2011. After a most fantastic meal and some great wine my friend and alto saxophonist, bass clarinetist Achille Succi and I played two sets of music to a very strangely enthusiastic crowd! Achille and I have since played together in Italy and in the States continuing the Strange Birds concept joined on occasion by a variety of guest players.

The musical conversation between guitar and saxophone is defiantly a challenge, lots of give and take and plenty of extended soloing to say the least! Achilles energy is fantastic I look forward to a recording session with Strange Birds in the near future!

Achille Succi / Jeff Platz Ensemble "Strange Birds"

Lily Pad Cambridge MA 3/24/2012

  • Achille Succi saxophone, bass clarinet 
  • Jeff Platz, guitar 
  • Jef Charland, bass 
  • James Rohr, piano 
  • Lawrence Cook, drums 
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