Jeff Platz
guitarist improviser


Panoramic with Daniel Carter

Kit Demos, Jeff Platz, Daniel Carter and John McLellan

Daniel Carter, reeds and trumpet; Jeff Platz, guitar; Kit Demos, bass; John McLellan, drums. Boston, NYC.

Modern Primitive

Jeff Platz, guitar; Bill Elgart, drums; Meinrad Kneer, bass, and Jan Klare saxophone. Based in Germany we are currently organizing a fall tour and looking forward to recording a second CD.

Free Music Now Ensemble

A large ensemble, free improv. group. Members include, Charlie Kohlhase, Jim Hobbs, Scott Getchell, Jeff Galindo, Andy Voelker, James Rohr, Junko Simons, Chris Forkey, Jeff Charland, Luther Gray, John McLellan, Kit Demos and features guests from the U.S. and Europe. Cambridge MA

Oh Pulsar trio

Oh Pulsar - Jeff Platz, guitar; John McLellan, drums; Kit Demos, bass and electronics.

Bright Light

Jim Hobbs, alto. Scott Getchell, trumpet. Django Carranza, drums. Kit Demos, bass. Boston Mass.

Strange Birds

Achille Succi, saxophone, bass clarinet. Jeff Platz, guitar. Alessandro Sacha Caiani, saxophone. Based in Italy.

Delvo / Platz

Duet with Fabio Delvo, saxophone, in Milan Italy.

Lars Vegas

Tom Stenquist, vocals. Chris Forkey, bass. Gary Wallen, vibes. Kit Buckley, saxophones. Ethan Herschman, drums. Scott Getchell, trumpet. Boston MA.

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