Panoramic with Daniel Carter

Panoramic with Daniel Carter - Jeff Platz

Kit Demos, Jeff Platz, Daniel Carter and John McLellan

The band

  • Daniel Carter, reeds and trumpet
  • Jeff Platz, quitar
  • Kit Demos, bass
  • John McLellan, drums

About "Panoramic with Daniel Carter"

This was my first time meeting and playing with veteran multi reeds master Daniel Carter. Along with my long time musical collaborators drummer John McLellan and bassist Kit Demos, we recorded the Panoramic record in Portland Maine at Ron Harrity’s cozy and appropriately named studio Peapod Recording. The forward momentum and group dynamic on this recording is fantastic. It’s always interesting to listen back to “first time meeting” recordings for me. There always seems to be a process of higher listening happening amongst the players in this type of situation. Daniels energy is infectious. He continues to bring a great spirit and a challenging approach to the music whenever we play together. His musicality and years of experience have been a valuable contribution to my musical life.