Modern Primitive

Modern Primitive - Jeff Platz

Jeff Platz, Bill Elgart, Meinrad Kneer, and Jan Klare

The band

  • Jeff Platz, guitar
  • Jan Klare, saxophone
  • Meinrad Kneer, bass
  • Bill Elgart, drums

About "Modern Primitive"

In the spring of 2009 bassist Meinrad Kneer and I played several gigs together in the eastern part of Germany. During a very long drive from Leipzig to Hamburg we discussed the whereabouts of jazz drummer Bill Elgart. Bill had played and recorded during the late 70’s with Paul Bley, Roswell Rudd, Lee Konitz and several other great jazz improvisors of that era. Once I returned to the States I began a personal investigation, trying to find out where and what Bill was up to. After a short search I found that Bill had left the States back in the early 80's and was currently living and teaching in Germany. In the fall of 2010, along with the help Jan Klare, we organized a handful of gigs throughout Germany with Bill Elgart on drums, Meinrad Kneer bass, Jan Klare on alto and flute and myself on guitar.

The Modern Primitive recording was done live at Bunker in Bielefeld Germany by house soundman and recording engineer Karl Godejohann. It was truly a great experience and certainly an honor to play and record with this fantastic group of musicians.