Modern Primitive


  • Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute – Jan Klare
  • Double Bass – Meinrad Kneer
  • Drums – Bill Elgart
  • Guitar – Jeff Platz
Evil Rabbit Records, 2011

Recording track list

  1. Beekeepers Song 4:16
  2. Can You Hear The Rain? 7:25
  3. Meat Dress 4:29
  4. A Gently Sloping Knoll 6:47
  5. Blank Mask 3:48
  6. Grain By Grain 5:49
  7. Puppet Party 5:28
  8. Impish Episode 7:44
  9. Mutual Agreement 3:44
Modern Primitive - Evil Rabbit Records, 2011

CD reviews

Release notes

Recorded at the end of a weeklong tour in Bielefeld Germany at the club Bunker. The CD includes Jan Klare on alto saxophone and flute, Bill Elgart drums and percussion, Meinrad Kneer on bass and Jeff Platz guitar. The idea was to record a few takes during the day and then record the evening performance.  The club Bunker is an actual bunker from the world war two era, which has been transformed into one of the countries most historic jazz clubs. After two sets of what was agreed to be very intense playing and listening on all of our parts, we were quiet pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

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