Bright Light Group



  • Jeff Platz: guitar;
  • Jim Hobbs: alto saxophone;
  • Scott Getchell: trumpet;
  • Kit Demos: acoustic bass;
  • Django Carranza: drums.
Skycap Records, CAP 015, 2005

Recording track list

  1. Bright Light
  2. You're So You
  3. Trinket
  4. Bull Ring Road
  5. Gas Station
  6. Lullaby for When You're Dead
  7. Single Hand Alphabet
Bright Light Group - Skycap Records, CAP 015, 2005

CD reviews

Release notes

"The group interplay on intriguing compositions certainly indicates a bright future for this quintet". - Cadence Magazine
"Bright Light Group is a great album from a fine band—which, along with its kindred Fully Celebrated Orchestra, seems to be inventing a new genre: Beantown free-jazz rock fusion? Let's call it Boston Frusion." - All About Jazz

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