Jeff Platz
guitarist improviser

Differential Equations

Differential Equations - Skycap Records, 2013


  • Jeff Platz guitar, 
  • Fabio Delvo saxophone, 
  • John McLellan drums, 
  • Kit Demos bass and electronics.
Skycap Records, 2013

Recording track list

  1. Carribean 04:19
  2. Bell Clear 06:27
  3. Bill Burroughs 06:48
  4. Son of Clooney 05:09
  5. Urla Libere 03:15
  6. Sonar 05:39
  7. IL Momento Guisto 03:29
  8. What Phenomena! 02:57
  9. Onde E Lamenti Dal Cosmo 04:25

Release notes

The team of Jeff Platz/g-elec, Kit Demos/b-elec, Fabio Delvo/as and John McLellan/dr join together for a truly collaborated effort of angular musical permutations that focus more  on interaction and muscularity than mere melody.. Assertive and edgy pieces such as “Bell Clear” and “Carribean” have elliptical rhythms that spotlight Platz’s sandy-toned guitar, while “Son of Clooney” and “Ond E Lamenti Dal Cosmo” highlight Delvo’s  pungent sax. Complex percussion underlays exciting material such as “Sonar” and “Bill Burroughs” creating under tows of currents that make pull you under the water if you’re not treading strongly enough. 
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