Skull Session, Rise Above


  1. Jeff Platz / guitar 
  2. Joe Morris / bass 
  3. Luther Gray / drums 
Skycap Records, 2003

Recording track list

  1. Roshamatod
  2. Ochre Moon
  3. Genius Syndrome
  4. Downward Chop
  5. You in Mind
  6. Open
  7. Rind
Skull Session, Rise Above - Skycap Records, 2003

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Release notes

This is my first release for Skycap Records. Featuring Joe Morris on bass, Luther Gray drums, Timo Shanko tenor saxophone, Scott Getchell trumpet and Jeff Platz guitar.

Skull Session - the band

I believe this was Joe Morris’s debut recording as a bass player! Joe has been musically inspirational for me over the years both as a guitarist and a bassist. Timo Shanko exorcises several ghosts on this record, a real freight train of intensity! Getchell keeps things angular and Luther Gray as always, provides some superior beats! I really hope to revisit this group sometime in the near future. Playing with this lineup was truly a serious kick in the ass for me as a musician!

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