"Modern Primitive" - review by Herman te Loo, jazz flits no. 166

The German-American quartet Klare/ Platz / Kneer / Elgart makes a successful attempt on a sort of trans-Atlantic improvised music. The swing and almost rock-like approach (in some tracks) sound American, the openness and the attention for details on the other side are more European. This mixture is successful, since in result, the music is both - energetic and intelligent. These last two facts and Platz’ guitar sound made me think instantly of John McLaughlin’s album "Extrapolation”.

The quartet shows itself in a wide spectrum of moods and tempos. From the fierce "Meat Dress" (with a hoarse alto solo by Klare, reminiscent of Threadgill) to the atmospheric "A Gently sloping Knoll ' (with fine slide play by Platz).

The flawless bowing of Kneer and the colorations from veteran Elgart’s drums and cymbals accentuate the adventure. The album, which was recorded live in Bielefeld, makes appetite for more. Hopefully this quartet will stay together for a while.


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